Our formulations are completely safe for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. These are manufactured by certified ayurvedic doctors

  • 100% AYURVEDIC

    Ingredients, recipes and manufacturing are completely as prescribed in ancient ayurvedic literature


    We do not use any additives, chemicals, fragrance enhancers in our products, all our products are 100% natural and safe


    We do not use any artificial fragrance or additives in our products. The earthy fragrances are of all the natural ingredients used in the product

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Best for Bump Lovers

  • Natural Belly Oil - For Stretch Mark Removal

    Reduces appearances of stretch marks | Deeply moisturises

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  • Natural Root Strengthening Hair Oil - Reduces Hairfall & Promotes Hair Growth

    Postpartum hairfall control oil | Strengthens hair follicles

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Our Pinky Promise..

We live by our two governing principles. One - everything that touches your skin has the potential to create a lasting impact on its health and second - our continuous effort is to get the best quality products made specifically for you, the new mother. So here are our vows -

  • We pinky promise to use recipes that have referencers from our ancient literature like Sushrut Sanhita, Garbhasanskar to make relevant and authentic products.
  • We pinky promise to not use any artificial fragrances, colorants, or nasty ingredients to meet the ‘beauty standards’ of the industry. We enjoy the earthy smells for its purity and let you enjoy too.
  • We pinky promise to hold You as the centre of our universe from our products, content, resolutions, everything we do will revolve with YOU at the centre.

Our Birth Story

We are mothers just like you! 

Our journey began when Deepa became a mother. Seeing the changes with her growing bump, she searched the length and breadth of internet but couldn’t get clear answers barring some generic clean beauty products. That was the eureka moment when she partnered with her friend Dr. Mayank, an ayurvedic doctor, and together decided to create a world that just caters to new moms.

They envisioned a range that is safe, 100% ayurvedic, based on the dosha implication and most importantly made with authentic ingredients and recipes curated just for new moms. And once again a baby was born -Zoi which means Life in Latin and our endeavour to make your life a bliss!

Nervous Mama's obvious questions

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Are these products safe and toxin free?

Absolutely yes, our products are created with 100% natural & ayurvedic herbs that are handpicked by our ayurved acharayas and doctors. The products are made in small batches to maintain their quality & are tested for safety making it pregnancy & breastfeeding safe. Being a reflection of our ancient practises, we don’t use any preservatives or fragrances to meet the conventional beauty norms of fragrance, colors.

What is so unique about this brand and its formulations?

We create formulations and products that are made just for New MOTHERS! What does that even mean? The changes that a new mother goes through during this phase is very different from a normal woman who faces in her life. A new mom's reasons for hairfall is way different to that of another woman of her age. And hence we handpick ingredients that are relevant only to a new mom. Another uniqueness in our brand is that our products are manufactured by the specialist ie ayurveda acharyas & gynaecs which makes it authentic & increases the efficacy of the product. 

Our two core beliefs are :

1) We will never compromise quality for aesthetics, profits or clicks

2) We appreciate the specific needs of a New Mother and will therefore make products that are relevant to YOU and not shop you generic beauty products

What additives/preservatives/fragrances have been added to these products?

No, we don’t add any additives, preservatives, fragrances to make our product look or smell good. We want our product to be as close to nature. We haven’t chosen to add anything superficial to enhance the smell or colour for aesthetic purposes.

Does this product contain essential oils?

No, we don’t add any essential oils in our products. Our formulations are 100% ayurvedic in nature, our earthy smell is very close to the nature because that is what goes inside these lovely looking bottles!

Can I get any side effects by using these products?

All our products are safe with 100% natural ayurvedic ingredients and made under the supervision specialised ayurvedic doctors. These products are mainly for external applications with no risk of side effects to you or the baby. With zero cosmetic additives, we have ensured to retain the natural and earthy feeling in all our products. However, there are rare cases of users being allergic to natural substances as well and therefore we would recommend you to do a patch test before using our products.

Our Founding Parents

We are friends on a mission!
Deepa the not-so-perfect mother, is a former Tata employee with expertise in digital marketing, content curation and customer management. Being a mother herself, she has personally gone through the phase of motherhood to empathize and appreciate the effort that goes into it. Hailing from Kerala and with Ayurveda being a way of life for her, Deepa is passionate about the goodness of nature and wants to spread this happiness to millions of mothers across the globe in our own Indian way.
On the other hand, Dr. Mayank is an experienced Ayurvedic acharya with a never-ending zeal to spread the goodness of Ayurveda. He is a practicing doctor, mentor to young students, and an evangelist for making Ayurveda relevant to the current generation. Mayank brings his vast knowledge and network of experts to make every single product align with the core mantra of Zoi - pure, patent, ayurvedic.
Together this mom-doc duo is on a mission to create the best in class products for mothers and taking care of them while they are busy taking care of the little one

Mama said...

  • Sneha Tripathi

    ***** 5 stars

    Came across Zoi on instagram and bought this for my soon to be mom sister. And it was the best gift ever for her. The stretch marks oil worked wonders and made her tummy skin glow & reduced stretch marks. The best part is the smell, the scent of the oil is like a walk in a forest on a sunny day, without any artificial scents.

  • Natasha Advani

    **** 4 stars

    This hair oil has my heart. I loved how healthy and nourished my hair feels after using this product. Would definitely recommend this product to everyone undoubtedly. And in love with the earthy smell of products, just so natural and un adulterated

  • Reema Badhwar

    ***** 5 stars

    Came across their blog and loved their content and hence tried their product. Started with the belly serum and then purchased the hair oil. Loved their products. My skin and hair really become soft & healthy. Should definitely try and its safe as its ayurvedic. Now thats Bonus!

  • Anu

    **** 4 stars

    The belly serum is indeed a mother's best friend. Its so soothing for my itchy bump & reduced my marks this winter.

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