Effective Home Remedies for Hairfall Post Delivery

One of the greatest concerns during these days is Hair fall. And obviously, it is not safe now to undergo any treatments. So, here are the next best options for you:

Oil Massage– it is a great life saver when it comes to hair fall. You can take the required amount of oil, warm it up a bit and thoroughly massage your head. If you can get anyone else to do it for you, that would be great! Here you could use Coconut oil, Sesame, Almond and Olive oil. *A tip- you could add few drops of Castor oil to your preferred oil.

Oil massage boots blood circulation in the scalp which strengthens the hair follicles, thus preventing hair loss. Castor oil is known to improve hair thickness.

Onion and Fenugreek Mask– You could take required amount of Fenugreek oil and to this add equal amount of Onion juice. Apply this mask to the head and leave it for not more than 30 mins. Onion is excellent for hair growth and fenugreek is known to arrest hairfall. It also is effective to fight dandruff. If you can tolerate the smell of onion, this is the best mask for your hair.

Curry Leaves and Coconut oil– I know that you must have heard this many time. Boil few curry leaves in coconut oil and apply this atleast thrice a week. It provides great nourishment to the hair and can also prevent hair loss and premature greying.

Aloe vera gel and Lavender oil mask– Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that is safe to use during pregnancy. Add few drops of Lavender oil to Aloe vera gel and apply this mask to the scalp. This will prevent excessive hair loss and also keeps the hair hydrated.

Coconut milk and Black seed oil– this is another combination you can try if you have thinning hair. Black seed (Kalonji) is very effective for thinning hair and promoting hair growth. Coconut milk controls frizz, thicken and hydrates the hair. you can also use Black seed oil alone and rub this oil onto the thinning areas. A deep massage with this oil is also a great option.

Hibiscus Flower and Leaves with Coconut Oil– you can boil Hibiscus flower and leaves in coconut oil and massage it to the head. You also get powdered Hibiscus in the market. You can mix that with water and apply the mask to the head. Hibiscus is excellent for hair growth and adds shine to the head.

There are few more remedies that you can try. But as of now, I have written down the easiest ones so that you don’t have to invest too much time. But if you want to know about them, please write to me. I will be more than happy to share.

Before ending the blog, I would like to tell you to keep emotional stress at bay. Eat healthy, make sure you and your baby get nutrient rich diet. Stay fit.. lots of love to all those beautiful babies. Keep smiling

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