How to Groom a Beard!!

Hello to the handsome folks out there. This is my first blog dedicated to men and their glorious beard. I am finding it slightly difficult to break the ice here, but baby steps, right

Why this topic? Well, I have seen the men in my family trying out different things to maintain their beards. I decided to help them out a bit. I replaced their beard-care products with few natural organic ones, and it worked well!! The difference- now their beard looks shinier and smell nice. So, finally I decided to write about it and share the products that have worked for them.

Leaving aside the grooming tools like trimmers, scissors, the other important grooming essentials are a beard wash, beard oil, beard balm and beard wax. Lets get to that then.

Beard wash– Why a beard wash and why not the regular shampoo off the shelf? The thing is the regular shampoos tend to strip off all the natural oils, making the hair look dry. But the facial hair is different and does not react well to these shampoos. Hence, a beard wash which is very gentle for the beard and does not strip off the oils, thus keeping it soft and hydrated..

The best picks 

Argan and Geranium beard wash by The Man Company

Kalon Natural Honey, Basil and Pine Beard wash

The Almond and Thyme wash for growth by The Man Compan

Beard Shampoo- In case you have longer beard then just a face wash might not be sufficient. Here, you definitely need shampooing. Some of the good shampoos available are:

Ustraa Beard wash– this is actually a shampoo and not a wash.

Beardhood Beard Wash shampoo with Biotin and Apricot Kernel oil

Spruce Shave club Beard shampoo- enriched with essential oils, Vit E and Aloe Vera

The Real Man beard wash and conditioner– This is a two-in-one product which contains aloe, neem, tulsi and liquorice.

Beard Oil– why a beard oil? This is an good product to keep you beard and the skin beneath it hydrated. It helps the beard look shiny and smooth. It is also helpful in managing the flakes (dandruff) that appear on the beard. It is also helpful in promoting hair growth and relieves the itchiness that occurs. Some of the best picks:

The Man Company Argan and Geranium Beard Oil

The Man Company oil for Beard Moustache and Mooch       

Beard balm and Beard Wax– Well, these two come in the styling section. Beard balm is practically a live-in conditioner which keeps the beard moisturized and conditioned. It also helps to give the beard a fuller appearance. It is preferably applied before applying the Beard wax, which is used to give the beard a firm hold and keep it in place. The wax also protects the beard from rain and wind. 

So that’s it guys for this one. The products have been tried in my household and they liked it. Hope you guys like it as well. If not, let me know. If you have some  ideas to share, let me know that as well. Have fun….stay smart…stay fit!

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