A warm welcome to our family!

Hi there, I feel so proud and humbled as I welcome you to my small little world, my family called Orgaknicks. I have spent around 10 years working for large retail conglomerates like the TATAs in their fashion and lifestyle brands. With a management degree in Marketing, I have led large digital marketing mandates but something deep within kept persuading me to try something different. My upbringing as a Malayalee, growing up seeing my grandparents turn to simple homely hacks for skin and hair care, perhaps laid the foundation of Orgaknicks early in my childhood and it was a matter of time before I took this path

It all started with me blogging about home tips for hair and skin care which got my readers interested and I started getting personalised requests for skin and hair care needs. My initial products, which I have grown up using, turned out to be a hit with my readers and guess what - that was the beginning of Orgaknicks as a product brand

Today we deal in products across face, body, hair with 100% natural and plant based ingredients, that are clinically tested. We are obsessed on our customer experience and continue taking baby steps every single day to ensure we leave a smile on our users' face. We do not promise quick fix, magical healing with our products. We do promise commitment, honesty, 100% purity and smiles every time you interact with us.

We are thoroughly grateful to Nature for the wonderful gifts and believe it to be our duty to contribute our share of goodness around. Besides making some interesting products, we strongly believe in building a better tomorrow for our younger generation and therefore urge youngsters to adopt a natural way of living from their early teens to make a strong base for a fulfilling life ahead.

We would love to hear more from you on your journeys, your fascination with natural products, experiences and stories that inspire us to walk that extra mile, every single time. Feel free to reach out to me on deepa@orgaknicks.com. 

Till then stay beautiful, quite naturally!