A quick peep into our world!

Should You Care? 

We know you are here to figure out who the hell are we and why should you really try us!! Are we the first, the only, the biggest, the fastest or world no.1 in anything we do? Absolutely not!

Should you then take us seriously? Well, absolutely yes! Why? Because we are obsessed with how we treat our customers and the problems we solve for them. We don't claim, we deliver. Period!

We at Orgaknicks are a team of beauty experts, enthusiasts and evangelists of nurturing the most potent ingredient we have - mother nature. We make 100% handmade, completely plant based hair and skin care products, with 0% additives, chemicals or preservatives. We have zero tolerance for lack of integrity and we always walk the extra mile to make our customers feel happy. 

What Drives Us?

Apart from a beaming smile that we can bring to your face, we are tightly governed by our ZERO tolerance to harmful practices that are summarised below. These principles guide us every single day to ensure we are giving you only the best, to help you lead a natural and toxic free life.